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Feudalism III preview

2012-04-24 15:51:07 by BlackFox-of-ITMO

Feudaism III preview is published!

There's a list of features we're going to add to the game, some news, screenshots and first impressions. That article is pretty big, hope you'll enjoy that.
The artists have almost finished backgrounds and now start working on characters and interface. Since this day I'll start making weekly posts about the game, telling about its charaters, world history, most interesting monsters and such stuff.

More info at

Feudalism III preview


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2012-04-24 16:16:54

Holy shit, Feudalism is one of the Flash games that made my childhood. Great to hear there's going to be a third part, I'm really excited for this. Bringing back some nostalgia and all. It's kinda disappoitning though, that the art drastically changed, but I guess we all have to cope with those things.

BlackFox-of-ITMO responds:

Yes, we had to change the art. As for me, it wasn't perfect. Well, it even wasn't good comparing to today games' art. The art on the screenshot isn't final version, but close to it: we'll change UI (buttons, menu, etc) maybe units will drop shadows too, that should make them look way better.


2012-04-25 00:47:34

Oh man... I love the Feudalism series.

Also, I know it is still Team vs. Team based combat, but I get the feeling that this is very reminiscent of the Sinjid series. Care to give me some points of F3 that separate it from the sinjid series?

BlackFox-of-ITMO responds:

You mean, Sinjid:SotW? I think F3 is not even close to it, there're massive real-time battles, more characters variety, whole another setting, another age, another gameplay at all. They're as close to each other as Fallout 3 close to Final Fantasy series.


2012-04-25 04:12:00

Any chance of releasing the demo to newgrounds :Trollface:

Anyway looks good from what I read on my tide and from what I seen in the pictures F3 is going to be a great improvement to the Feudalism series my only complaint is guns then again this is a number game so guns should be as balanced as everything else.

Great to hear a update and glad you decided to work on three.

BlackFox-of-ITMO responds:

Sorry, but no, there'll be no demo. But I'll make a gameplay video and publish it before release :Trollface:
The guns are mostly a replacement of bows and crossbows: guns with high fire rate are good against groups of weak enemies, but lack against a strong enemy and vice versa.
Ranged units also wouldn't be able to shoot at point blank, so they'll be an easy target at close combat. And most skills are designed for melee weapons. For example, there're only 4 SMG skills while dual sabers skilltree has 9 of them.


2012-04-30 22:47:43

I noticed in that preview page that one of the classes, specifically the Sun Kingdom's Mercenary class, is a rifle-based class. Have you ever heard of shotguns being used to fire single rounds, as opposed to a mass of small lead beads? Those single rounds are referred to as slugs, and while they may not have the same muzzle velocity as your conventional rifle bullet, because of the higher mass of the slug as opposed to that of the rifle bullets, they deliver more energy to the target, dealing more relative damage by extension. Perhaps a six-round pump-action slug gun could be one of the higher-tier rifle-type weapons in the game.

BlackFox-of-ITMO responds:

Yes, I've heard about the slugs, but there're no shotguns in the game... Actually, there're no ranged weapon only-based classes. Agile classes can use ranged weapons, but a half of their skills is melee-based. I'll make a post about classes soon.