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Feudalism III: classes overview

2012-05-02 12:03:42 by BlackFox-of-ITMO

As I promised, here's an overview of available character classes in my next game, Feudalism III

There'll be 9 of them, 3 per each side, 3 heavy melee warriors, 3 agile ranged+melee fighters and 3 mages. The classes may be renamed and characters' look will be changed, but the concept is final.

Classes of Crimson Empire:

1. Blademasters are pure melee warriors, masters of swords and spears. Their attacks deal heavy damage and some of their skills may debuff foes decreasing their defense, damage or cause bleeding.

2. Officers are skilled with rifles and SMGs, but they also can use Empire's secret weapon: lightsabers. Unlike other melee weapons, lightsabers deal elemental damage depending on their blade color. Red blades deal fire damage, yellow - lighting damage, orange - both fire and lightning damage. Their lightsaber skills rely on dark magic, vampiric effects and self-buffs.

3. Necromancers are masters of dark, poison and frost magic. They can curse, freeze or dominate their foes, or turn them into a poison bomb! Or just summon a deamon to do their job. As any other mage, they have healing and supportive spells too.

Classes of Red Order:

1. Paladins are mighty and well-protected masters of swords, axes and hammers. They also have some supportive skills andcan reflect damage back to the enemy.

2. Defenders are jacks of all trades, masters of heavy guns and SMGs. Though low HP comparing to Paladins they're still powerful melee fighters, thanks to their dual sabers. They rely on high dodge and attack speed, and also can buff and heal nearby allies.

3. Wizards are masters of elemental magic, they have a full set of fire, lightning and frost spells and can deal immense AOE damage. Their supportive spells are very good too.

Classes of Sun Kingdom:

1. Samurai is a warrior with pure spirit, master of sword and katana. Katanas are faster than swords, but deals less damage. Unlike blademasters and paladins they mostly focus on fighting a single enemy and self buffs.

2. Mercenaries are advanced troops skilled with pistols and plasma rifles. They also can use a special weapon: gunblade. Gunblade is mix of sword and shotgun, it can't shoot but consumes ammo when slashing. Gunblade deals an elemental bonus damage depending on the ammo type. Most gunblade skills provide additional ammo effects.

3. Druids are masters of nature magic, they cast poison, lightning and fire spells and use magic to heal and buff their allies. They're effective mix of thinderstorms and crowd control spells.

Feudalism III: classes overview


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2012-05-02 12:06:06

I love you.


2012-05-02 12:13:02

Great work on doing Feudalism 3!! The 2 was awesome!
Make so you can get high skills/stats, and several difficulties!
And btw, Endless war, have you dropped those?

BlackFox-of-ITMO responds:

Thanks! As for Endless War, no, not really: ges/215/scr1xy.png/


2012-05-02 17:42:44

There will be only three sides? There were 6 in Feudalism 2... It would be great to at least see a fourth one. They all look great and I cannot wait to see the result of the game, though.

BlackFox-of-ITMO responds:

Sorry but yes, only 3 of them. Sides of F2 were too similar to each other: another look, but the same swordsmen, archers and riders, even the same skills. 3 sides of F3 will be more different, they will have more unique units. For example, Red Oreder's heavy gunners will be the longest range ranged units, while Crimson Empire's riflemen will be able to fight in melee combat with bayonets.


2012-05-03 02:15:56

Amazing work on the game so far and I am looking forward to it despite the immense change in the look of the game which I in fact think is a good thing. I love the classes and I'm going to try them all at least once (although just by looking I can already tell i'm going to be a Samurai) but I hope that you will give out some sort of release date soon or a hint of some kind such as if it will be near the holiday or something. So the only concern I have for the game doesn't even concern the game itself just the time that it will come out but I can wait as long as it takes so you can make Feudalism 3 the best it can be! Thank you so much for making this and I hope this won't be the end of Feudalism and that there will be many more to come.

BlackFox-of-ITMO responds:

Thanks! Sorry, but I can't tell the release date now. It doesn't even depend on me.... The artists are about one month away from completing the art, and then we'll need at least one month to add the art to the game and test everything.


2012-10-09 09:01:21

Being a major fan of Feudalism 2 (I have/had 3 saves on Armor Games, 2 on Newgrounds, and 3 on an offline version.), the very news of Feudalism 3 is like a chorus of Ode to Joy playing, aside from the literal spit-take I had when I was checking my Newgrounds Feudalism saved games.

The newer, cartoon-y character art I can live with, the addition of fantasy-grade tech and guns I can live with, the original 6 nations going extinct and being replaced with 3 super-nations I can live with. the new interface likely I can live with,

But the addition of magic was quite a blow to me, I like the previous 2 Feudalism games for being just 2 armies slugging it out against each other with swords, arrows, and the occasional Greek Fire courtesy of me, I do feel that fireballs and demonic forces making someone's day go awry kind of messes the feeling. Yes, I am aware the skills and abilities (And my grand favorite Holy Tribunal aka the hide-somewhere-and-let-the-higher-powers-do-th e-work skill.) are effectively a subtle sign of whatever deity the natives of Feudalism believe in, but I could live with that.

But anyway, the comment carries light meaning till Feudalism 3 comes out and for all I know I'll never know if I do enjoy it till I've tried it. Do what you feel should be done, I look forward to Feudalism 3.

P.S.: Hopefully the comment isn't too long.


2014-11-12 11:20:32

uhhhh when feudalism 3 released, where is the necromancer,officier,mercenary,blademaster,defender and the druid?
in the game only shows samurai,monk,wizard, the man who bring a axe,knights,the man who bring dual revolver,the man who bring dual katanas,Warrior ( the one who bring a red sword) ,and 2 man bring shotgun

PS: i dont know all the characters X_X and sorry for bad english, thanks.


2014-12-31 17:24:48

I find it odd that people are so taken aback by the addition of spells in Feudalism 3. I do recall there being a rather OP special ability that pretty much decimates all of the enemies in Feudalism 2. That being said, North Wind is laughably OP. Needs some major nerfing. When I reach a high enough level, I can literally solo everything that remains with North Wind, some buffs, and a cannon.