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Feudalism III: world overview

2012-05-12 05:17:35 by BlackFox-of-ITMO

An overview of what happened after Feudalism 2 in my Feudalism series.

Thousands years passed after events of Feudalism 2. United by mighty hero, nations existed in peace for a very long time. They've discovered secrets of magic, invented new technologies and weapons. But the peace couldn't last forever. The peoples were too different and couldn't live together, so they've separated into 3 great countries. A new war was only a matter of time.
With new weapons, technologies and magic this war is going to be the greatest one.

Our heroes are:

Crimson Empire
A dark and evil side, a nation of conquers. Empire was founded by successors of Great Trade Republic and Black Horde from F2. Their warriors combine style of roman empire with german WW2-like uniforms. They mostly rely on dark magic and advanced technologies.

Red Order
Antagonists of Empire, the land of light and magic, the "good guys". Order was founded by successors of Holy Order and Forest Lands from F2. In the sequel they'll keep their brute style.Their technologies don't look too cool, but still effective and their magic skills are very high.

Sun Kingdom
A nation of high-end tchnologies and old traditions. The warriors of the Kingdom are old-fashioned samurai, mercenaries and wanderers. This Japan-style country was founded by successors of East Empire and South Desert from F2. In battle they use both advanced weapons and nature magic.

Feudalism III: world overview


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2012-05-12 05:52:30

ay loved all your games ay chent whait just 1 question how soon it whil be done ?

BlackFox-of-ITMO responds:

Somewhere close to the middle of summer, I hope.


2012-05-12 07:20:51

I'm gonna be an asshole and ask you when the release is :p


2012-05-12 07:51:34

I think I'm not the only one who thinks the fun in Feudalism was due to a lot of different factions. It will be very difficult to make this game interesting with just 3 factions. Even though there were factions that only looked different, it was fun.

BlackFox-of-ITMO responds:

Will see, only amount of factions have been reduced. Everything else hasn't changed: total amount of towns - almost the same, units and weapons variety - even higher. Skill and spells - about 90 total.
By the way, making 3 more factions could take one more year, I'd better add them at F4 =)


2012-05-12 08:09:13

Is that a gun? And a rather modern styled one?! I thought the guns will be like muskets or something.

BlackFox-of-ITMO responds:

Yes, it is. There'll be SMGs, rifles and even plasma guns. Ranged units with muskets only would be too boring, and new guns give new abilities like shooting huge plasma balls of firing long bursts or suppressive fire. Many players have beed asking for modern firearms.


2012-05-12 20:57:30

humm i dunno, i stay with the classic style of the other feudalism games rather than this anime fantasy world mmorpg style, it feels like one of the other millions of game with this type of "fantasy anime world" y prefer the old style, it look more unique

but oh well, i hope this feudalism was good anyways


2012-05-12 23:58:05

i think its alright just from looking at this i would pick either the crimson empire or sun kingdom however the red order don't look to impressive and i kind of agree with caligula but i would like to see if this game makes any improvements from this change of style so i guess i will have to wait and see!


2012-06-10 16:28:00

uze intriguet, vot toka pro muziku ne zabud'=)
p.s. mne tak kazetsia ili ti igral v RO?