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Endless War 5 - Release

2012-07-09 10:41:26 by BlackFox-of-ITMO

Finally, Endless War 5 have been released! It is playable at ArcadeTown right now, and I need a few days to implement Newgrounds API. So, I'll submit the game at NG over 4-5 days.

Endless War 5 - Release


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2012-07-09 11:49:43

nice work but its kinda hard


2012-07-09 12:08:36

are there coming any update's


2012-07-12 23:01:07

too easy once you get the half track with the cannon you can pick off everything while staying out of range (just get nerd gunner) it get's pretty repetitive pretty fast hurr durr destory everything.

nice art and aside from being extremely exploitable nice mechanics sounds busted or i would comment on that.