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Endless War 6 announce

2012-07-18 14:37:33 by BlackFox-of-ITMO

Some people liked new gameplay of Endless War 5, some people didn't, but, fortunately, the most people did like it. So, I've decided to make a sequel with pretty same gameplay, new vehicles and a new campaign.

Endless War 6 will feature Soviet World War 2 campaign, 15 new vehicles and about 20 missions. This game shouldn't take too much time since I'll use most art and code of EW5. I expect it to be finished over a month.

Though EW6 will have vehicle based gameplay only, I'm going to let you play as an infantry in future EW games AND keep the ability to drive tanks.

Endless War 6 announce


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2012-07-18 23:24:00

ok i'll wait for EW6


2012-07-19 05:23:37

needs better gamplay i mean if it had an autofight it would work better so i can take a nap while the game plays itself


2012-07-19 07:12:08

Lol... Cool.
@Max4000 But endless war is already! o.O
And without that soviet campaing :/


2012-07-19 07:13:20

Okay, cool! You gonna make too an German Campaing or... No? :??

BlackFox-of-ITMO responds:

I'll make a German campaign too if EW6 gets good rating at Newgrounds and Kongregate


2012-07-27 03:41:09

Don't be downed by the stupid comments, they are most likely from 7 year old kids who. Endless war has been and still is one of my favourite series, can't wait for the next one. :)

PS. I hope you'll be turning back to the Fallout theme you had in EW2 as well at some point.


2012-09-24 07:31:37

Your EW series rocks, especially the vehicle series!
Im sure World of Tanks fans will come swarming on this page.
Keep up the good work.

P.S:An idea is for EW7 to be with german tanks and EW8 to be with EVERYTHING.
P.S.S:And if you can make an EW with planes!!!