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Endless War 6 Trailer

2012-08-03 15:07:21 by BlackFox-of-ITMO

Some people liked new vehicle gameplay of Endless War 5, so I've decided to stick to this idea a little longer. I also know that some people didn't like the changes, so another upcoming EW games will be soldier based. They just need more time to make.

Endless War 6 will feature tank battles again, but now driving by circles wouldn't be so effective =)
Enemies would chase you more often and it would be harder to aviod their hits.
On the other hand, you'll be able to call for an air support and call in bombers, attack planes and paratroopers. Teammates will be more effective too.

The game should be finished over a month or so, hope you'll like it ^_^


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2012-08-04 01:38:12

Will we be able to be a footsoldier in this one? (ejecting from your tank)

BlackFox-of-ITMO responds:

No not in this one. EW6 will be very similar to EW5.


2012-08-04 05:32:34

I like the soldier EW better, since you feel less powerfull...

It's like bioshock 1 to bioshock 2. A step in the wrong direction :<.


2012-08-10 11:27:21

Will there be an axis campaign in addition to the Soviet one in EW6? Really looking forward to it. :)

BlackFox-of-ITMO responds:

No, maybe in EW7 =) It's easier to make several games with bigger campaigns than a game with two smaller campaigns.


2012-08-17 19:46:35

looks like a game you could actually sell if you felt like it pls don't tho


2012-08-21 16:52:36

F3 or i get my beating stick!