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Feudalism III news

2012-12-13 15:55:04 by BlackFox-of-ITMO

Hi everyone, it's been too long since my last post about Feudalism III development process, I'll try to explain what happened.

I've received a lot of negative feedback after my first posts and Feudalism III review. People were mostly complaining about new setting, new weapons and new style of the game. They didn't like game's new look and the fact it is taking place in the future.

So I've decided to remake it. Completely. Well, it wasn't a 180 degree turn, but changes were huge: all factions were replaced with new ones, all characters were replaced as well, some spells and abilities were added, some were removed. The same thing with weapons, armor and other equipment. I'm not abondoning my old ideas, we'll release them as another game someday, but Feudalism III will be a bit closer to its predecessor.

- 5 factions, they will be different from F2 factions. Well, except for the japanese, I hope they wouldn't be so overpowered this time.
- Only one character per faction, but each one of them will have a wider set of skills than before allowing better builds variety. At least 10 unique skills per character and some which are not unique.
- Fantasy-like style, medieval setting with some magic. Firearms weren't removed, but all of them are mostly muskets and bolt-action rifles.
- 120 types of troops to hire, including mages and healers.
- Over 100 total spell and skills.

The release date isn't clear yet, I need a lot of time for final ajustments and testing, at least 2 months.

Some screenshots

Feudalism III news


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2012-12-13 17:06:24

looks great cant wait to see the full game, or even just the beta!