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Upcoming game - 13 Fallen

2013-09-24 16:37:33 by BlackFox-of-ITMO

We're working on a new game - a Diablo-like action/RPG with lots of loot and a bunch of heroes to choose from.

The story is simple: 13 Heroes ended up in the hell, some of them were great warriors, some were great villians and some just dug deep enough to get there. Now they serve The Lord of Darkness in his war against rebel demons.

Only few heroes are available when you start the game first time, you'll unlock others as you progress.


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2013-09-25 08:35:22

Dam, you will soon outgrow Flash. Diablo-like action/RPG? That sounds really huge.
Will it have storyline? Unique for each character?

BlackFox-of-ITMO responds:

No, it ain't that big actually, so no storyline this time. The gameplay is close to Diablo and its clones - wandering around and killing monsters. There'll be only 10 levels, with a boss at each one of them. Once you defeat the final boss you can start over with the same character on a next tier difficulty, with much stronger monsters and better loot.


2013-09-25 13:54:49

That looks pretty cool, I hope you pull this game off well. The graphics kinda bug me in the video, you should work on that a bit more . I will def be checking this game out, love these kind of games,


2013-09-25 18:02:11

I dont actually mind these sandbox games at all! To be honest, its sometimes much better than a story-based Rpg. You got that sand-box/ish style in your blood as seen in Feudalism :3


2013-10-14 09:50:32

make a DOOM easter egg
do it


2013-11-22 16:06:36

Eh. I never played Diablo-III.


2014-07-31 12:56:58

Hey dude. Can you add 2 new features onto your Feudalism III game? Well... 4 actually. You want people to play ALL of your game's a lot more? Then here's some suggestions that some people want...

1: Increase the max level cap from 50 to like 100 or something. Let us have a better chance to max out more past 100 to like 150 instead.

2: Let us combine different rune types at an Enchanter so we can make multi-purpose rune's. (Up to 5 different ones combined) And add runes that give us SLIGHT damage resistance increase to blunt, slicing and piercing damages cause those dmg's are UNREAL on the "Ultimate Villian" boss. I can beat everything BUT him because of that. But anyway's.

3: Add an Online Multiplayer, let people duel each other and stuff, and add reward armor's and weapons that are INSANELY OPed(On purpose) from Arena Token's. You can type in Ranking I.D's to fight whoever to get Token's but if their Ranking is WELL BELOW YOURS then it won't count and the Ranking is based upon how strong the person is.

4: Let people create their own classes and Skills across ALL other classes... Let us be able to save up Gold from whoever we select to take Gold from our character's and let us use that to Increase and/or create different/better Abilities for our characters in the Skill-Tree. That'll keep people busy for a LONGGGGGG TIME... Trust me I can rack up millions of Gold in 2 minutes(Literally. Kill all the Dragons one-after-the-other really fast really quick). Also in Multiplayer, let people get like 2x or 3x Normal Health so they can take the attack's others give, and amp-down how the Healing works in Multiplayer to Half so it doesn't take forever to kill someone if they are a healing pure(Like me. Pure Str w/Healing is beyond OPed as a Mage or as a Ninja omg I can't die with those).

Also let people constantly be able to UPGRADE their max level-cap on their skill-Tree's up to like 10 max instead of 5 but costs like 1mil gold to increase one skill by 1 on it's cap and increases by 500k each time or 1mil your choice. But let us "Create" our own Skills(In a way)so we can experiment and we can get all Gold back from it. Let us PURCHASE UP TO 10 or 15 more Skill Point's so we got the chance to max out the ENTIRE SKILL-TREE we make then. This is a Multiplayer-only feature as well with making/upgrading skill's.


2014-07-31 13:05:44

(Continuing since last post maxed out)
Anyway's... But in Offline mode we can still choose our own Skill-Tree when making a new character... But can't "Combine" Them with OTHER SKILL'S(At a cost of A LOT OF GOLD to make it stronger or have more abilities like a Heal with the "Last Stand" would be really strong so make it really expensive like 25Million Gold to do that combination. Up to 10 Skill-Combinations as the MAX that go up to level 10 Skill in the Skill-Tree). This would make the game open-variety to the EXTREME, add random-encounters too on the map instead of all Hunting. So people get the chance to really level faster to hit that 100 level cap when increased instead.

This should help make the game incredibly addicting as well. Let's face-it at the level 50 cap- Gunmen are limited so much cause they need ALL 4 SKILLS to be useful, same for the Ninja's/Samurai that use the Katana's. So give those guy's a chance to really experiment and make them really useful! Make Some of the Dragon Armor you get go up to level 20 or 25 max enchant instead of 10 so they're incredibly strong and worth getting. Also make it when you upgrade armor you can spend stats to increase any sort of damage reisistance of our choice if you don't add the Runes to increase that(With the best increasing by like 10% at lvevel 5 so it isn't so OPed to stop like 80%+ Dmg cause my calculations show about a MAX of 90% block, but none against elemental, but max elemental damage block would mean only about 48% or 50% for the other type's. Let us combine runes to get all 3 type's of reg dmg block plus combine 2 other runes to block element's. Up to 5 Rune-Combination slot's. So say like...

You got the LAST BOSS ARMOR(Dark Dragon) like I got. like 20% Damage resist to lighting, 10% to Fire 10% to something else, 200% to Dark, 0% to Holy right? I put in a max 5 level 5 combination rune's of like... Holy,Piercing,Blunt,Slashing and Poison9Since that's OPed) that's about...

65% Slash
65% Blunt
65% Piercing
100% Holy
200% Darkness
20% Lightning
100% Poison
30% Fire
10% Frost or whatever that last stat is. That LAST ARMOR should be made like that ya know? Also... Maybe add a slot that let's us use a Necklace BUILT for 2 more Enchanted Runes to max our the power's... But it CAN'T BE USED to incerase Piercing, Blunt or Slashing damage... ONLY ELEMENTAL! So people can't OP all-around defense.


2014-07-31 13:09:04

Oh and with the Skill-Tree Idea. Let us get UP TO 25 different Skill's in the tree, and let US Link it how we want it to go as well so we can deside which way we wanna be able to fight and change it to a different way to fighting if we reset skills and stats.


2015-09-26 19:54:10

Why'd ya say it's called 13 Fallen when you named it Loot Heroes?


2016-03-06 16:44:48

please do another non vehicle endless war !!!!