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Feudalism III

2012-02-22 08:37:31 by BlackFox-of-ITMO

I'm working on a sequel to the best of my games, Feudalism II. The third instalment of the series will be much different from the previous one, but there're only a few major changes. You still travel around the world trying to conquer every town on the map, hire troops, buy stuff, etc. Like you did in Feudalism II.
Some players asked to add more magic to the game and some other players asked to add modern or future weapons, firearms and such stuff. I've decided to add both of them! So events of F3 take their place thousands years after events of F2. During this time people have discovered secrets of magic, invented new powerful weapons and formed three mighty countries who lived in peace... for a while.

I made a new game engine with better controls and wiser AI. Healers will heal only wounded units, warriors wouldn't waste mana on almost dead enemies, and so on. Overall amount of skills will also be increased, especially amount of healing and supportive skills and spells.

Fortunately, I've also found a great artist who's gonna make a really cool art for the game. The image below is just my sketch, characters will probably get even better. Right now we're working on the final list of features, I'll make a new post once we finish it.

Thanks to everyone waiting for this game!

Feudalism III

Power Soccer!

2011-06-18 06:42:55 by BlackFox-of-ITMO

I'm working on a new... no, an old game with new rules. It will be a pure soccer simulator with RPG elements and a bit changed, simplified rules and some unusual features.
Your teammates and opponents got verious spells and skills allowing them to slow down, buff and debuff each other or improve their own stats.
Like in any RPG, your main character, the captain of your team will get experience and level up as your team wins, you'll also be able to hire new, stronger (and more expensive) players.

I've spent a lot of time working on the AI. Each of the players on the field has his own AI script and players from weak teams are actually more stupid than guys from strong teams.

I havn't decided, which graphics style is better: simple cartoony characters (right side) or anime/manga style characters (left side). Cartoony characters look more funny while manga character more beautiful. How do you think, which of them are better?

Power Soccer!

Endless War: Defense

2010-04-07 04:20:34 by BlackFox-of-ITMO

I've almost finished a sequel to Endless War series, Endless War: Defense. According to its name it will not be a shooter, but a defense game where you have to build cannons, pillboxes and trenches and repel waves of enemies.
Though in this game you'll have to focus on building up your base, you'll still be able to control any ally unit manually, even a single soldier or a tank. There'll be 3 campaigns (14 missions each) and a survival mode.

Game is out!

Endless War: Defense

Well, there're only a few improvements:
- Some new guns
- Opportunity to command your allies separately. Aliies run and aim faster than normal enemies.
- Opportunity to lie down and avoid enemy fire (Doesn't make you invincible, but bullets miss by a chance of 50%). You can't move while liying
- Only 12 missions, but each mission is a set of 3 maps, 36 maps total.
- Tha campaigns are: Italy invasion during WW2 (British commandos vs. Italian forces), Some kind of future wars (Commandos vs. rebels with lasers, miniguns and etc.) and Winter War 1939 (USSR vs. Finland)

And the biggest question: WHEN? Should be soon, most of work is done, testing the game.

Some news about Endless War 4

To all people who ask about Feudalism 2 and Endless War 4

2008-05-04 16:26:47 by BlackFox-of-ITMO

I'm working on Feudalism 2 now and got some news about that game:
- Special Skills, which inflict more damge, but cost some SP and cannot be used when mounted
- 2 new nations: Mongols and Arabs
- bigger map, more towns
- more weapons: amount of all types of weapons is increased
- new weapon type: Katar
- a bit changed character stats: now he will not be overpovered (at least, I hope so)
- new units
- all (or almost all) units use skills too
There're still too much to do, but hope I'll finish the game in umm...hmm.. begining of October? But will piblish only after 27th of October (see below)

I'm going to rest for a while after finishing Feudalism 2 and then start working on Endless War 4. I'll probably add usable turrets and vehicles to the gamebut not sure if such shall make the game more interesting. Exactly, I don't have any other new ideas for EW4... maybe some new guns though.. Staelth missions and Medival campaigns..? Hard to make and a bit boring to play. Some guys suggested to make a Wild West or Civil War missions, but is it interesting to shot enemies with a pistol or a rifle which takes lots of time to reload? I don't think so.